MAS Devops Ansible Collection

MAS Compatability

The collection supports IBM Maximo Application Suite version 8.10 and above.



Run a playbook

The collection includes a number of playbooks that string together multiple roles, you can directly invoke them after installing the collection:

ansible-playbook ibm.mas_devops.lite_core_roks

Run a role

If you only want to perform a single action, you can directly invoke one of our roles from the command line without the need to build a playbook:

ansible localhost -m include_role -a name=ibm.mas_devops.ocp_verify

You can also use the run_role playbook:

ROLE_NAME=cert_manager ansible-playbook ibm.mas_devops.run_role

Running in Docker

The easiest way to use this collection is to take advantage of the ibmmas/cli container image, this negates the need to install anything on your local machine (other than docker - or podman if you prefer).

docker run -ti --rm --pull always

Local Install

Install Python & Ansible

Python 3.9 is recommended as it is the most widely used version of Python within our development team, but any in-support 3.x version of Python should work fine.

python3 --version
python3 -m pip install ansible junit_xml pymongo xmljson jmespath kubernetes==12.0.1 openshift==0.12.1
ansible --version
ansible-playbook --version

We recommend using the latest version of ansible-core at all times (at time of writing this was v2.12.3) and the collection has a minimum supported version of ansible-core v2.10.3 which is enforced by the ibm.mas_devops.ansible_version_check role.

Install OpenShift CLI

If you do not already have the oc command line tool, you can download it as below:

wget -q
tar -zxf openshift-client-linux.tar.gz
mv oc kubectl /usr/local/bin/
rm -rf openshift-client-linux.tar.gz
oc version

Install IBM Cloud CLI

If you are using this collection to manage an OpenShift cluster in IBM Cloud RedHat OpenShift Kubernetes Service (ROKS), then you must also install the IBM Cloud CLI:

curl -sL | bash
ibmcloud version`

Install the Ansible Collection

Install the collection direct from Ansible Galaxy

ansible-galaxy collection install ibm.mas_devops

Optionally, you can also pin the version of the collection that you install, allowing you to control exactly what version of the collection is in use in your automation:

ansible-galaxy collection install ibm.mas_devops:10.6.2


This Ansible collection is developed by the IBM Maximo Application Suite development team, customers may raise support tickets via the same routes they would an issue with the product itself, or raise an issue directly in the GitHub repository.